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Tuesday 5-3-16

Hey guys, so May is officially here! A few updates for this week as we are excited about the new month and ready for some new challenges!

Thursday, May 5th We may be closing Open Gym a bit early, so be on the lookout for that please.

Saturday, May 7th As of now, with cooperation from the rain, we will be planning an “outing” For our Saturday morning 9:45am class. It’ll be on a separate location. TBA.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength -Glute Strength

Strength: -3×5 Negative Chinups/Weighted Chinups -3×8-12 Bent Over Rows

For Time: -400m Run -10 Back Squats (@65%) -400m Run -8 Back Squats (@70%) -400m Run -6 Back Squats (@75%) -400m Run -4 Back Squats (@80%) -400m Run -2 Back Squats (@85%)

Swink Barbell Technique: -Slow Pull Cleans, 3×3 -Clean High Pull, 3×3

Hang Power Clean -50%×2, 60%×2, 2×2 @70%

Clean -60%×2, 70%×2, 3×2 @80%

Front Squat -60%×2, 70%×2, 80%×2, 3×2 @85%

Swink Performance Do Barbell

After Fundamentals, recover and complete: 3 Rounds of: (for quality) -5 Turkish Getups/arm -10 GHD Situps -10 Hip Extensions

-Spend 10:00 working on Handstand Walks, for real!

When you can’t let your boys see you cry, so you lay in your towel!

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