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Tuesday 5-20-14

Remember, the schedule this week is tweaked just a bit. Today’s schedule is the same except no barbell class at 6:30.

Squat Challenge this week is 5×1:00 squats with one day doing a full 5:00 squat. If your proficient enough in a squat, you can do 5× :30 per leg squat hold. This will help with some pistol balance and strength.

Also, something we forgot to mention is on Monday, Memorial Day, we will be doing Murph, a workout, that morning. It takes about an hour, which we will start at about 11am. Also, we have the Cedar Hill Police Dept (at least some of them) coming in to do Murph as well. They are most likely coming in at 3pm. More on this at the gym, and of course, ask questions if you are unfamiliar with what this is.

Competition Tuesday -Shoulder Mobility

Skill: Pistol Squats

For Time: 10-8-6-4-2 -Pistol Squats (# is per leg) -Deadlifts (tough weight)


Didn’t get everyone in the photo, but that’s a lot of people on one rig!

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