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Tuesday 5-13-14

Alright everyone, we forgot to tell you about the Squat Challenge this week. Instead of 30 seconds, 5 different times, we want you to do a 45 second squat, 5 times a day. You can also do a total squat time of 3:45. However, this week, we are requiring you to do at least one day where you do the full 3:45 of squats.

Now, on to Competition Tuesday!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Mobility

Skill: Thrusters

3 Rounds for time: -21 Burpees -15 Weighted AbMat Situps -9 Thrusters


One of the many reasons why full range of motion in a squat is crucial is the back angle. The one on the left has a harsh back angle, thus making you feel the weight in your lower back. The one on the right is able to keep a more vertical back angle which keeps a stronger back when squatting. The right side is something you should strive for. Kenzi shows us how it’s done!!

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