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Tuesday 4-5-16

Hope everyone got a chance to read the post from yesterday explaining how classes work now. The other thing we did not post about yesterday was the Saturday class thing. We discussed it a bit in classes tonight, but in case you missed it:

Saturday we will now do a 8:00am “Performance Training Together” option. This is so those doing the “Performance” workouts can all come in and train together. However, it will also not be a coach led class. There will also STILL be the 9:45am Partner/Community workout.

Competition Tuesday -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Kipping/Butterfly Pullups, focusing on staying tight through the kip

“Split Jackie” 2 Rounds For Time of: -500m Row -25 Thrusters (bar) -15 Pullups

Core: -4×10 Weighted Hip Extensions

Swink Barbell Technique: -Spend time working the OHS position. -3×3 Slow-Pull Snatch High-Pull -3×3 Snatch Balance, 3 sec pause at the bottom

Power Snatch+Snatch -6×(1+1), tough, no misses

High Hang Power High-Pull -5, 4, 3, 3, 3, tough for each set

Swink Performance -Spend 10:00 minimum, before or after, working Muscle-Up transitions, lockout and the pull. Raise the rings to different heights, elevate the feet, but keep it interesting, don’t just do 1 type for 10:00.

-4×500m Row Sprints, must be done fast, rest as needed between each. Goal for guys is 1:30-1:45, girls is 1:50-2:05….or faster.


Ohhhhh buddy, who enjoyed all those Presses today?!

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