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Tuesday 4-3-18

Well, 40 minutes of rowing and you all made it through and we’re giving it your all as well! We love watching you all train hard like that, it’s inspiring!

If haven’t yet, be sure to check the calendar at the gym as we plan on keeping that an updated list of things to come. We have a 5K coming up that we would love you all to join us in and represent Swink out there.

Swink Fundamentals

-Low Back/Hamstring Mobility


-3×15-20 DB/KB RDLs/Stiff Leg D.L., not single leg, control the pace, keep core tight, back flat and shoulders back

-3×5 Ring Rows right into Max Tempo Ring Rows, 2 sec up and 2 sec down, as tough as you can make them, no hips and legs straight!

3 Sets, not for time:

-30-50 Double Unders

-15-20 KB Swings, AMERICAN 🇺🇸 Swings!

-15-20 GHD Situps

Oh ring rows…

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