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Tuesday 4-25-17

What a day Monday was, kicked off the week right! Remember, this Wednesday, we will have our buddy Tim from Ascent Protein out giving out free samples of their protein. Be sure to ask any and all the questions and show him some love for coming to hang out with us.

Swink Fundamentals

–Low Back work


3 Sets of

-7 Deadlifts @77.5%

-up to 20 Shoulder Taps, either in a Handstand or Pushup position

12:00 For Max Reps:

-5 Squat Snatch, RX (95/65) RX+(135/95)

-10 Box Jumps, RX (24/20) RX+(30/24)

-20 Deadlifts, RX (185/135) RX+(225/165)

-40 WallBalls (20/14)

-80 Double Unders

-Max Squat Snatch with remaining time

Oh that OH position!

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