• Betsy

Tuesday 4-23-13

Swink Fundamentals PRACTICE!!: Power Cleans and Squat Cleans that you learned on Monday

15:00 AMRAP -2:00 Double Under attempts -10 Weighted Situps -10 Dumbbell Push Press (30/20)

Swink Performance 3×3 Clean High Pulls 3xMax Strict Chinups* (underhand grip) *Work in the chinups between the sets of clean pulls

15:00 AMRAP -50 D.U. -10 Weighted Situps/GHD -10 Push Press w/bar or dumbbells (bar=135/85) (dumbbell=50/35)


Alexis trying to convince herself that its a good idea to pick the bar back up!  We all have that moment when our mind is telling us to stop, but you have to turn that off when you have a task at hand you WANT to complete!

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