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Tuesday 4-21-15

Tuesday is usually a competition day, but today we are focusing on 2 areas were improvement can always happen. 1) Running 2) Pullups

Also, we’re glad you all have welcomed our newbie coaches so well, it really helps out!  On another note, Jack (AKA Jacquelyn, Jacq, Jacque, Jackie) is also helping us out and is going to be present most evenings during most classes. She is running any front desk needs for us, such as retail. So be sure to welcome her as well and if you need anything retail, membership, etc, talk to her.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Hip and Hamstring Mobility

Speed: -8×Shuttle Sprints (will be explained at the gym), rest as needed between sets until recovered.

*goal is to run AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

Strength: -3×7-10 Negative Pullups, bands are ok. Work on a 3-5 sec decent. -3×20 Band Pulldowns

Skill: -Work Double Unders -Work Overhead Squats

Today’s focus is putting in the work that doesn’t necessarily give an instant return. It may not be as rewarding as a workout that leaves you laying out, gasping for air and sweating, but days like today are so important for overall fitness improvement!  Stay focused!


See, being faster is more efficient!

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