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Tuesday 4-16-13

This week we arent going to do strength lifts. We are taking the week off, letting the muscles recover some and hit it again next week! That doesn’t mean we won’t be lifting during the workouts, though!  See below:

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Deadlifts

5 Rounds for time: -12 Deadlifts -10 Box Jumps -8 Pushups -6 Bar Over Burpees

Swink Performance Skill: Snatch

For Total Time: 3 Rounds -7 Snatches (tough weight) -7 HSPU Rest 2:00 3 Rounds -9 Clean & Jerks -9 Pushups Rest 2:00 3 Rounds -11 Deadlifts -11 Double Unders


Kenzie demonstrating the “high elbows” in the front rack position. Very important to accomplish and must be practiced again and again!

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