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Tuesday 4-14-15

It was a rough day at the gym, no doubt, and we’re very proud of you all who took on the challenge. Yeah, we got some hate and upset attitudes, but that’s ok because we know you’ll come out the other side better. Needless to say, test 1 done!

Now, we really hope those of you who are doing the nutrition side of this are really doing your best to stick to the program. You all have to understand it’s similar to a drug withdrawal and you will crave those foods you once had. Doing a 30 day diet/”cleanse” can help you curve those cravings and break you from bad habits. Just stick with it, you’ll be fine!

Also, we’d like to know how you’re doing and if there is anything we can do to help you out. Feel free to talk to us or ask any questions you may have regarding diet and what you’re eating. Tonight, we had grilled chicken breast with grilled zucchini and squash with sweet potatoes. Grilling is a good way to mask the “veggie” taste if you’re not a veggie person. Try it out.

Finally, Friday we have one more test and then a 5K test this Saturday. Friday is Rowing. Be there if you can or show up to an Open Gym time to do it before hand.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Mobility

Skill: (Fundamentals) -Handstands -Deadlifts

Strength: (Performance) -3 × :45-1:00 Handstand Holds w/ a partner

For Time: -10 Deadlifts -30 Box Jumps -20 Deadlifts -20 Box Jumps -30 Deadlifts -10 Box Jumps

1) were going to get better at handstands and the Pushups that come along with them. Part of that is to practice them, so we are. 2) this workout is a recovery from yesterday, so the deadlift weight is light, lighter than what we’d usually use. 3) this workout is shorter than most and you’ll be left with time after the workout that we want you to use…..we have options for you. -Double Under practice (it’s in one of our tests) -Mobility -Recovery (lax ball or foam roller)


Practice practice practice….ask anyone, it’s the only to get better at these.

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