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Tuesday 3-31-15

Time for some Competition Tuesday!  Today consists of 2 skills. If efficient in one of those 2, please feel free to come to 5:30am, 9:00am or 5:30pm. If you’re able to come to any one of those classes, you’ll get an additional accessory strength exercise.

Now, for some updates. On April 18th, we are not having class that Saturday morning. Instead, we’d like you all to be at the 5K in town, the Rowdy Run. We are leading the warm up before the race and then running.  This is a great opportunity for those of you to test and get a 5K time. Let’s all rally together and sign up for this!  Info on the event board at the gym.

Competition Tuesday -Hip Mobility

Skill: -Turkish Getups -Double Unders (6:30am, 4:30 and 6:30pm)

Accessory work: -3×15 Dumbbell Rows

2×6:00 AMRAP, 2:00 rest -6 Turkish Getups (3 per arm) -20 Double Unders

*trying to keep the same amount of reps for each 6:00 workouts.

2 of some of our O.G.s from the beginning!

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