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Tuesday 3-27-18

Well we hope you all are ready to get back to some good ol’ training now that the Open is done. Having said that, we could not be more proud of everyone with all the efforts we witnessed. There were so many PRs on these workouts it was just awesome to watch. Things like your first pullups to Clean PRs to your first muscle up and chest 2 bars. It was really awesome to witness it all go down guys, congrats, you earned it.

As for extra points….well, we will extend that to Wednesday. Since we had thrusters in the last workout, you have to do a thruster with an UNUSUAL object. Then:

-post it to Instagram or Facebook

-tag Swink Athletics (this is the important one or we can’t find it)

-use the hashtag #SwinkMadeMeDoIt

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring Mobility


3 Sets of each:

-10-12 Landmine RDLs/leg, tough weight

-12-15 Landmine Bent Over Rows/arm, suitcase style (this may be a different weight from the RDLs)

-20 Hip Extensions, 2-3 sec lower

For Time (8:00 cutoff):


-KB Swings, face height, AKA Russian Swings, RX (70/53)

-Ring Rows, RX (body must be parallel to the ground, no Kipping with the hips)

This should be fun!

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