• Betsy

Tuesday 3-18-14

Time for some Competition Tuesday.

Shirts are being sent in on Wednesday, so if you want to make sure you get one, in your size, make sure to put down your name and size on the preorder sheet. Also, we are taking payment for them now as well. We also have sample shirts to try on your size so you won’t make the mistake and order the wrong size. Try em on yo!

Competition Tuesday -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Skill: For Performance: Chest 2 Bar For Fundamentals: Power Cleans & Pullup Modifications

For Time: -20 Power Cleans P: (95/65) F: (75/45) -20 Pullups P: (Chest 2 Bar) -200m Run -15 Power Cleans P: (135/85) F: (95/55) -15 Pullups -400m Run -10 Power Cleans P: (165/105) F: (115/65) -10 Pullups -800m Run


Love seeing this many people doing so well going overhead!

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