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Tuesday 2-20-18

Well guys only 3 more days until we find out the first Open workout of 2018! Get excited everyone, now is the time.

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring Mobility


-Power Snatch, 5×8 unbroken sets, focusing on cycling the movement and keeping the bar close. You choose the weight that allows correct form and unbroken sets.

-5×5 tough Ring Rows, after 5th rep, pause at the top of the ring row for max time

-accumulate 100-300 Double Unders in as few sets as possible, working on relaxing the shoulders and keeping eyes focused on one spot in front of you.

-3×15-20 single arm bent over rows, knee supported on a bench, as tough as possible

If you haven’t told your friends yet, you should!!

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