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Tuesday 2-18-14


It’s the first of its kind for Competition Tuesday, we’re doing a 21-15-9, so get pumped.

One thing we want you all to be aware of: water bottles. While we’re glad you all are drinking water, most days we’ll find empty or half empty or even full water bottles laying around the gym. Please, if you can use a reusable one, use it. If you have to bring water bottles, please remember you brought it. And finally, if it is empty, please place it in the recycle trash can. We try and do our part for the environment 🙂

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Skill: Deadlift technique

For Time: -400m Run

21-15-9 -Deadlift P: (225/185) F: (135/95) -Box Jumps

-400m Run


We’re selling these things like crazy! Did you know you can also purchase them by the case so you can have them at your house as well. Ask us about it if you’re curious.

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