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Tuesday 12-9-14

Hoodies are coming in and you don’t want to miss out! The sign up sheet is on the front desk so you can fill out your name and size there. We are keeping prices as low as possible and they will be no more than $60, possibly lower depending on how many preorders we get.

Now time for some fun training!

Competition Tuesday -Shoulder Strength

Strength: -3×1:00 High Planks, weighted if needed

Every 3:00 OTM for 15:00 -24/20 Calorie Row -8 Back Squats, tough, around @70-75%, from the rack

*unfortunately, there is no competition component to this workout, other than the weight you choose! 😉

Also, the Calorie Row will be modified if we decide you need less or if you need more calories!

“On A Tuesday!!!”

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