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Tuesday 12-31-13

New Years Eve folks! Reminder we won’t have evening classes tomorrow.

What an awesome job by everyone at the gym tonight! Betsy’s Project Boot girls, rounds of Cindy and 100 Pullups for time…all are tough and you all got it done, congrats!

Today we are joining classes since we will only have the morning classes.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

10 Rounds for time: Odd rounds: -6 Front Squats (Choose your weight, but make it tough) -10 Wall Ball Situps (20/14) Even Rounds: -6 Front Rack Lunges -10 Wall Ball Situps


I think this picture tells a lot about the gym we have. Love what we get to do everyday! Thank you all and here’s to a new year!!

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