• Betsy

Tuesday 12-20-16

Sorry for the late post guys, we just landed back in Dallas and we are excited to get to hang out/workout with you all today and the rest of the week. Just a reminder about the schedule adjustments for the Christmas holiday.

-Saturday the 24th, no class

-Monday the 26th, one class at 9am for EVERYBODY!

Swink Fundamentals

-Thoracic Mobility


Today we are doing a mock weightlifting meet. Today’s workout only consists of 3 lifts/attempts in the Snatch and 3 lifts/attempts in the Clean and Jerk. You can warm up as much as you would like before lifting, but once you start or attempt your 1st weight, you cannot lift again until you try your 2nd weight. You can adjust the weight up each lift but cannot go down in weight. You are ONLY allowed 3 lifts/attempts once you begin. Once you lift your first weight, you will have no more than 10:00 to attempt your 3 weights. Let us be clear, you only get 3 attempts per lift once you begin. Do not get greedy and attempt more.

Time to lift!

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