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Tuesday 12-1-15

Happy December everyone! The countdown to 100,000m is getting closer. Feel free to come in during open gym or during any normal class time to do some rowing. Remember that running does count towards your total.

Competition Tuesday Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Thoracic Mobility

Skill: -Front Rack Lunges

For Time: 30-20-10 -Front Rack Lunges* -Bar FACING Burpees

*weight on Lunges must go up each round

Pullup Strength: -5×5 Bent Over Rows -5×5 Negative Pullups, weighted if needed

Swink Barbell Snatch -70%x1, 75%x1, 80%x1, 85%x1, 90%x1, 2×1 @85%

Clean & Jerk -1×1 @70%, 1×1 @75%, 1×1 @80%, 2×1 @85%

Back Squat -3×2 @70%

Extra Credit -Do Barbell lifts and/or,

3 Rounds of: -20 GHD Situps -20 WallBalls -10 Strict Pullups, bands are okay


Even Ryland gets in his meters…and today is his birthday, 1 year old.

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