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Tuesday 11-8-16

Well, Monday was humid, hot and tough! As we have some new athletes joining us at the gym, make sure you all reach out to them and make them feel at home.

Now, we may be changing a few things in the coming month, so be on the lookout for that. Also, we have a couple of events coming at the end of this month/beginning of the next month. We’ll keep you all updated but keep looking out for that.

Swink Fundamentals

-Ankle Mobility

7:00 AMRAP

-1×18ft (3 mats) run, down and back

-2 (1/arm) DB Snatches, RX (50/35)

*add 1 rep per round, so 2×24ft runs and 4 (2/arm) DB Snatches

Rest 5:00

For Time:

-100 Burpees

What is going on here?? Random pics found of the phone!

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