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Tuesday 11-5-13

What a day at the gym!  So many PRs, so many new faces, it was awesome!  We couldn’t be more proud of everyone and how all the hard work on our end and more importantly, your end, has paid off!  Dont forget that there is a spinach challenge this week!  That means we want that in your diet daily!  Get on it!

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Skill: Rowing Recovery

3 Rounds: -150m Row -15 Pushups Rest 2:00 2 Rounds: -150m Row -15 Air Squats Rest 2:00 1 Round: -150m Row -15 Pullups

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

3x Max Reps of: -Double Unders

Get as far as possible in this 10:00 Ladder: -1 HSPU -10 Double Unders -2 HSPU -12/20 Double Unders* -3 HSPU -14/30 Double Unders So on, so on…

*Double Under amount will be based on your skill. If you’re efficient, do the bigger amount. If not, do the smaller amount.


As we come off a day where so many great things happened, with new maxes and skill improving, sometimes we do hold back because of fear. Fear is always present, but don’t ever let it hold you back fron trying new things!  So, as a challenge for Tuesday, do something that scares you, and whoop its a##!

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