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Tuesday 11-26-13

Partner workout #1 was a hit and to see people work together so well was awesome! It is going to be awesome to see how you all do the rest of the week working together. This workout is guy-guy and girl-girl, however, if the odds dont work, you can do this workout as a guy-girl setup.

Partner Workout #2 -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

For Time: 10, 9, 8….1 -Deadlifts P:(135/95) F:(95/65) -Cleans -50 Double Unders* Each partner must do the Deadlifts and the Cleans in any order they wish.

*In between the rounds, 50 Double Unders must be done before moving on. This can be done by either partner but it doesn’t have to have both involved.


A great picture of teamwork between hisband and wife combo Brian and Alie. The couple that works out together, stays together!

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