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Tuesday 11-21-17

For today guys, we encourage all of our members to be at class today, including our Sweat class, as today will be the last full day with a full schedule.

Remember, for tomorrow, we will have both morning classes but will have an Open Gym style setup for the evening classes.

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring Mobility


-Sumo DL High Pulls

5×3:00 AMRAP with 1:30 rest

-400m Run

-with remaining time, complete as many reps of:

-Max SDLHP, RX (95/65) (Round 1)

-Max Toes 2 Bar (RD2)

-Max WallBalls (RD3)

-Max Toes 2 Bar (RD4)

-Max SDLHP, (RD5)

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