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Tuesday 11-18-14

What a day in the gym it was!!


We couldn’t be more proud of you all for how well you did today and most of you either matching current PRs or getting new ones. It’s such a great feeling to watch you all progress so far! Having said that, we would like to apologize for running behind, taking longer in each class and having to rush a bit. It’s not our intention to cram stuff on your plate but it happened to work out thay way today. We always prefer quality first and foremost! So, again, we are sorry.

Remember this week is test week and this workout is a test we do not want you to run from, wed like you all to give it a shot. Today is going to be a fun one fa sho!

Competition Tuesday Swink Fundamentals & Performance

-Shoulder Strength

Skill: Jumping Pullups, Knees 2 Elbows

“Filthy Fifty” For Time: -50 Box Jumps (24/20) -50 Jumping Pullups -50 Swings -50 Walking Lunges, total -50 Knees to Elbows -50 Push Press, bar -50 Back Extensions (will have a modification) -50 WallBalls -50 Burpees -50 Double Unders


New gear, coming soon!

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