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Tuesday 11-17-15

Monday started off with a bang…let’s keep that rolling!

Good news everyone!! We are doing a Thanksgiving Day workout! It’ll be at 9:15 the morning of Thanksgiving. It will surely give you a reason to go eat and not feel so bad about doing so. So, for all those wanting to join us, please do so. Be ready, we’ll have some fun!

Competition Tuesday -Glute Strength

Strength: -Build to 65% of Clean, for Power Cleans

Skill: -Practice Double Unders, focus on getting 3-5×5-10 reps unbroken.

15:00 EMOTM First 5:00 -5-10 Double Unders -5 Power Cleans @65% Second 5:00 -5-10 Double Unders -3 Power Cleans @70% Third 5:00 -5-10 Double Unders -1 Power Clean @75%

Pullup Strength: 4 sets: -5 Negatives -10 “A”s

Swink Barbell Power Snatch -Heavy Single -3×(1×1@90%, 1×1 @95%)

Power Clean + Power Jerk -Heavy Single -3× (1×1 @90%, 1×1 @95%)

Clean Pull -1×2 @110%, 1×2 @115%, 2×2 @120%


What are you doing for Prehab and recovery?! It is so important to take care of the body, please do not neglect it. Don’t be that guy that did nothing until it was too late!

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