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Tuesday 11-10-15

Guys…if any of you complain about the Starbucks cup, be


to be slapped! 😉

No, just kidding no one is slapping anyone. However, let’s think for a second about many of the small and meaningless things we worry ourselves with. This example being the Starbucks cup. We cannot be concerned with things of this sort.

Swink, for some of you who have never heard, is to “drudge or toil” or basically, work hard. When one is working hard, focusing on an end goal, that same person cannot be concerned with small matters. We cannot be mad if we should practice double unders and aren’t as efficient. Instead, we should work hard at practicing them. We cannot be upset about mobility if we are not willing to spend extra time each day to stretch out. Instead, we should work hard at that end goal of being mobile.

To be a member of Swink is to work hard. We do not give life to negativity. The Swink Family is, and should always be, the hardest working family out there. Do not make a reason or an excuse, just do the work/work harder. Need help? We’ll help.

We have become a nation of people “in need” or “poor me, listen to my problems”…don’t believe us, just read some of your friend’s Facebook statuses. Do not fall into those traps, rise above it all and work hard at being better than small matters, like a freaking cup!

No. Excuse. November.

Competition Tuesday -Hip Mobility

Strength: -3×5 Deadlift, 3 second decent, light

For Time: -500m Row -25 Deadlifts (225/175) -500m Row

Pullup Strength: -4×8 Bent Over Rows

Swink Barbell Power Snatch -Heavy Single -3×(1×1 @90%, 1×1 @95%)

Power Clean + Power Jerk -Heavy Single -3×(1×1 @90%, 1×1 @95%)

Clean Pull -2×2 @110%, 2×2 @115%

Front Squat -70%×2, 3×2 @80%

Extra Credit Rest 5:00 after today’s workout, then: For Time: -400m Run -20 Power Cleans (155/115) -400m Run

Another example of No Excuse November. Get it Shelly!

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