• Swink Athletics

Tuesday 10-31-17

Remember guys, we will only be having our 5:30am, 9am and the 4:30pm classes tomorrow for Halloween. Having said that, WHY NOT DRESS UP IN YOUR COSTUME!

We do apologize if this an inconvenience to anyone.

Swink Fundamentals

-Hip Mobility


EMOTM for 6:00

-3-5 Strict HSPU/HSPU Negatives

EMOTM for 6:00

-6 fast, but tough, Sumo Deadlifts, you choose the weight

3 Rounds For Time:

-6 Power Cleans, RX (115/80) RX+(165/115)

-8 Wall Walks, RX(must touch your stomach) RX+(must touch your nose)

Technique, technique, technique.

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