• Betsy

Tuesday 10-3-17

Guys, the Team Series has come to a close and we are kind of sad about it. It was so fun watching you all support each other. To attack workouts that may have scared you a bit and come out on top. To push yourself past a point you didn’t think you could otherwise. This Team Series has taught us a lot and we hope you all let it sink in! Love you guys.

Swink Fundamentals

-Quad Smash


-Tabata Dragon Flag/Reverse crunch

-Tabata HSPU Negatives/Strict HSPU

3 Rounds each For Time:

-400M Run

-12 DB OH Lunges, right

-12 DB OH Lunges, left

Rest 3:00


-3×12-15/arm Half Kneeling DB Press

-3×25/leg Banded Hamstring Curls

Oh those Handstands…

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