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Tuesday 10-20-15

Thank you to Laurie from SFH for coming out and sampling/informing us all on their product line. I’d you didn’t get to check it, just ask us about it and we can give you some info.

Don’t forget about our Wednesday night vendors. Tommy with the clean/Paleo meals will also have the menu for next week’s meals as well.

Finally, Thursday is YOGA with Amy at 6:30pm. This means we will not have Barbell that evening, but we would love everyone to come support her as we do this class. The hope is that we can do it in the future if the interest is high enough.

Competition Tuesday Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Hip Mobility -Glute Strength

Skill: -Deadlift

Strength: -Build to a tough 5 Rep on Deadlift

10 Rounds of: 30 sec on, 30 sec off -1 Deadlift -Max Box Jumps

Pullup Strength: -4×Max Rep Kipping Pullups, unbroken, bands are ok

Swink Barbell Technique: -Snatch Long Pull + Press in Snatch – 3 x (3+3)

Snatch -5×1 @73% OTM, 5×1@78% OTM, 5×1 @83% OTM – If after these 15 sets on the minute you feel good, continue to a heavy single with a max of 5 more singles

Snatch High-Pull -2×3 @80%, 2×3 @85%

Snatch Pull on Riser -98%x3, 103%x3, 108%x3


Just let this face sink in for a while!…

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