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Tuesday 1-9-18

Well, first Monday in a while and we had a great showing! Everyone came out to get their workout in, love it!!

Don’t forget, this Saturday is step 1 and required to join the weight loss plan. We understand some cannot make the lecture. On the whiteboard, there is a spot to write down your name so we can get an idea who can make it and who cannot. Remember, come to the lecture/class Saturday at 10am in order to start the plan with us on Monday the 15th.

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring Mobility


-find heavy 5 Rep on Sumo Deadlift

3 Sets of the following:

-5-8 lateral box step ups

-8-12 Scap Pulldowns with 2 sec hold at the retraction

-10-15 “T” Scap retractions, lying on bench or box

For Time:


-Sumo Deadlifts, using 60-65% from above

-Box Jump Overs, RX (24/20)

-Double Unders (42-30-18)

Got ’em!

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