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Tuesday 1-6-15

Great to see you all back on the first Monday of this year. We hope the motivation continues into today! Let’s get to it.

As the CrossFit Open of 2015 is approaching, we will make sure to expose you to as much practice as we can and workouts similar, if not the same as, to those open workouts we’ll see at the end of February.

This brings us to today’s workout. It is a version of the second workout of the 2012 Open, 12.2. In the version of 2012, it was all Snatch. Today, we’ll do nearly the same, just switch the movement to Cleans. Here we go:

Competition Tuesday -Shoulder Strength

“Swink 12.2” 10:00 AMRAP -30 Cleans (power or squat) 75/55 -30 Cleans 135/85 -30 Cleans 165/115 -Cleans with (if) remaining time at 205/145 *these weight can be modified, so don’t freak, we gotcha.

-4×:45 side plank w/weight, challenging weight -3×12 Bent Over Row, challenging weight


Our very own LeAnne posing with 10th place finisher at the 2014 CrossFit Games, Jenn Jones!! Let’s be real, LeAnne can take her!

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