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Tuesday 1-21-14

Today we are going to combine both classes, Fundamentals and Performance, and have you all do the same workout. You are running for this workout, so dress appropriately. We want to see who is going to post the fastest time, both male and female and both RX and scaled. Here it is:

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

For Time: -400m Run -40 Wall Balls RX: (20/14) Scaled: (16/10) -40 Pullups RX: (unassisted) Scaled: (bands) -400m Run -20 Wall Balls -20 Pullups -400m Run -10 Wall Balls -10 Pullups -400m Run -5 Wall Balls -5 Pullups


Tall tees and tights….not a good look at all! Austin and Morgan trying hard to prove otherwise.

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