• Betsy

Tuesday 1-20-15

Sorry for the late post. We are so proud of everyone for getting through that rough workout Adrian had in store for us.

Also, for those who did not get to witness it, Adrian showed up to the 6:30pm class on crutches and an ice pack around his ankle. The 5:30 class was in the middle of their workout and everyone’s mouth dropped! Well, HE GOT ALL OF US BECAUSE HE WAS JOKING!! Trickster.

Time to make up some lifts we missed yesterday.

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Mobility

Strength: Fundamentals: -3×5 Back Squats, +5lbs from last Monday -3×3 Strict Press, +5lbs, if doable, from last Monday Performance: -5×2 Front Squats @70% -3×5 Push Press @70%

Every 3:00 on the minute for 9:00 -400m Run -Max Reps WallBalls (20/14)



This was basically everybody today…

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