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Tuesday 1-2-18


We hope you all had an amazing time celebrating the New Year and can look back at your 2017 as an amazing year. You all are our life and blood that makes Swink what it is and we are very glad we have you all here with us to take on the new year.

First things first, we may have a bit of a problem with the gym’s water situation. As of Monday, we have no running water as the city has told us that the pipes leading to the gym are frozen. Unfortunately that means no hand washing, no water refills and no using the bathrooms. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and we hope to have it resolved soon. Just make sure you all prepare ahead of time.

Second, this Saturday is a great event at the gym at 10am. Dustin Strong from Strong on Health in Mansfield will be in the gym giving a lecture of food and wellness, the holistic way. You won’t want to miss his info.

As for today, it’s a strength day!

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring Mobility


4-6 Sets of the following:

-5 Tempo Deadlifts, 2121, at around 60% or less. It will be tough to keep the shoulders down and back while keeping this tempo, so do not go heavier, focus on the form first and weight second

-10 Strict Tempo Ring Rows, 2121, make them as tough as possible for each set while keeping this tempo. Shoulders down and back also

-10 Box Jumps, you choose the height but the goal is to jump as high as possible and land with an almost locked out leg landing

-20-25 Bar Good Mornings, no weight or very light weight. Do not go fast but there is no resting between reps. Do not raise with the back but instead raise by squeezing the butt

-2-3 Laps (down and back = 1 lap) of the gym of a Double KB Front Rack Walk

Lets kick this off right!

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