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Tuesday 1-17-17

Well guys, we’ve had a tough Monday to start the week but we truly love seeing everyone put in so much work! Keep this steam going everyone, keep motivated!

Now, this Wednesday we are putting in our order for this crewneck sweater:

It even has a pocket like a normal hoodie on the front! We’ll have a sign up sheet tomorrow for you guys.

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility


Strict Press

-1×3 @70%

-1×3 @80%

-AMRAP @90%!!!


-Muscle Ups

10:00 AMRAP

-1 Muscle Up, RX+ (3 M.U.)

-10 Calorie Row

-15 WallBalls (everyone aims for 10ft target today!)


-4:00 Abyss!

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