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To our athletes, let’s start this New Year right

Everyone, I hope truly hope you get a chance to read this.

We get asked all the time, more or less the same question but worded differently, “I want to get in shape, can you help me?”

Sure, we can help, but only a fraction of the time. Think about what that means, a fraction. Imagine you were baked a cake, you saw the entire thing, then watched someone cut the cake where they took the majority of it and you had a thin slice left. That’s a fraction of a full amount. We see most of you 1 hour a day, sometimes only 3 days a week. There’s 24 hours in a day. Let’s say 8 of those are sleep. That leaves 112 hours a week, 112 slices of cake. We can help with 3-6 of those slices, the rest is up to you. Listen, 106-109 hours can easy ruin 3-6 hours a week of working out, easily. It is up to YOU to get yourself in order.

Motivation can come from many influences or many people, but you must take those and run with them, be reminded of them daily, hourly and continue to focus on what your goals are. We can only remind you so many times of those motivating factors but you must be strong enough to get through the rest of those hours. I’ve said this many times to many people about different workouts, but I will say “if you can get through that workout, you can get through anything.” That’s where you have remind yourself how strong you are when you’re losing sight of those goals. Be strong, resist, practice more, go the extra mile, run another mile, etc etc.

Finally everyone, be the best athlete you can be. Take suggestions, admit when you’re wrong, listen to critique because it can truly help you and be sure to give your all, 100%. This is our year, your year to be great. Let’s hold each other up, keep each other focused and win together. We got this, you got this, let’s go get what we want by the only way we know how, hard work!

Swink Sweat

10×150m Sprints, rest as needed

Swink Fundamentals

Today, we are going to jump start those engines, start the new year right, with some good old fashioned hard work…you’ll see!

Here’s to starting a New Year with all of you cool cats!


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