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Thursday 9-5-13

We are off you guys, everyone be safe and smart and we will see you in a few days!  Tonight, the gym is open the same hours, 5:30-8:30, so make sure to get up and get your workout on!  I know a few members are going at 5:30pm tonight to do the “Hotshots 19” workout. If you would like to do that one, feel free to show up and grind through it with them, or at least cheer them on!  Here we go…

Swink Fundamentals & Performance Shoulder Strength/Mobility -Side dumbbell raise, thumbs up, 5lbs, 10 per arm, 3 sets.

4 Rounds for time of: -400m Run -14 Burpees


Jason showing you how to pray to the fitness gods! 

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