• Betsy

Thursday 8-6-15

Tonight we have our Barbell class and we truly hope we start seeing new faces in this class. It really helps get that form locked in and focuses on moving the bar with the most efficiency. Getting stronger also happens to be a side effect from the class as well!

Now, the week is coming to a close and we have 1 more test to get done tomorrow. This also means your replacement challenge we challenged you to do is on its 4th & 5th day, but not to an end. If you struggled taking something bad away and in replace of it, added something good, then please discuss this with a coach to come up with a strategy going forward. If going a week without something is too hard then a month is going to be a struggle. We need to make sure you’re able to stick to your guns. Let us help you by asking for help! On to the next week….

Swink Barbell Power Snatch -2×(3×2 @75%) *second set can be heavier if you’re feeling good

Technique: -Hang Muscle Clean, 3×3

High-Hang Clean + Power Jerk 4×(2(1+1) @75%) *fourth set can be heavier if you’re feeling good

Clean Pull -1×3 @93%, 1×3 @98%, 1×3@ 103%, 1×3 @85%


Skid marks!

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