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Thursday 7-23-15

The week is winding down and we will make sure you have lighter, smaller workouts to prep for the week ahead.

We hope you all watched the video posted last night about why Paleo is a great diet for fitness/performance. Tonight, be sure to watch THIS VIDEO, it explains more of what Paleo is and some “dos and don’ts” in a simplified form. However, finding out more info on your own is always the best tool!

We start the challenges next week, Monday the 27th. Be sure you’re a part of this.

Swink Barbell Technique: -Press in Clean, 5, 4, 3 (ascending weights)

Clean & Jerk 2× of: 1×(1+1) @80%, 1×(1+1) @85%, 1×(1+1) @90%

Snatch 2× of: 1×1 @70%, 1×1 @75%, 1×1 @80%

Front Squat 6×3 @70%


Let’s lift!!!

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