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Thursday 7-18-13

Ok people, something we’ve wanted to get off our chest: Please do not give up!  We pour ourselves into every workout, planning them and making sure they vary enough, even when we are exhausted. We want each and every one of you to succeed. So when you give us half effort or don’t try to be consistent or even eat somewhat better and a mindset that you “shouldn’t eat that”, it offends us. We don’t give you half of a workout or half an explanation (sometimes we forget things, and we’re sorry, but not done on purpose) or half the effort in anything regarding you!  Please, all we ask is you show the same in return!  We get you for 1 hour a day, maybe 3-5 times a week. Thats 5 hours max…what you’re doing with the rest of your time away from us is just as important if not more!  Please, give the effort, because we are trying to make you guys successful!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance Skill: Power Snatch

10 Rounds for time -150m Sprint Run (@1:00 or under) -10 Power Snatches


My papa and grandma work hard everytime I hand them a crazy workout…they’re committed to this, what are you committed to? 

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