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Thursday 7-11-13

Alright guys, a couple of things real quick: (1) Reminder no class on Saturday, instead hit yoga at 9:30am at Daymes! (2) Friday night is Open Gym from 5:30-7:30 so plan for that. Though, we will have a workout up on the board! (3) There is a team competition on August 3rd and we ARE SENDING at least 2 teams!!  That’s how many spots they saved us. It’s at CrossFit Success and it’ll consist of 2 guys and 2 girls. Let me know if you’re down and we’ll create these teams. EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO COME WATCH!! (4) Get your jumprope order in stat if you want a custom one and either cash or check, $43.30. (5) ITS HOT OUTSIDE!!  Drink your H2O and make sure to tomorrow because we are running!  No skimping on this, it’s a must!!!!!!!!….! (6) Project Booty is at 6:30pm because there will not be a class on Friday night!

Now to grind!

Swink Performance & Fundamentals Same workout for you all, but the weights and reps vary a bit. However, this is a grinder for all, so come prepared!  First set of numbers are Performance and second set of numbers are Fundamentals.

For Time: -200m Run -20 Power Cleans (135/85) 15 reps (95/65) -400m Run -10 Power Cleans (165/105) (115/75) -800m Run -5 Power Cleans (185/115) (135/85) -400m Run -10 Power Cleans -200m Run -20 Power Cleans

This is a no joke workout tomorrow so we will put a time cap to keep the class from running over. Come prepared people, no slacking tomorrow!


Two of some of our strongest girls getting to lift together is so much fun to watch, let alone coach!  Tasha and LeAnne getting some overhead work in! 

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