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Thursday 6-20-13

What an awesome day and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone who took on “Elizabeth” and killed it!  We had a lot of PRs in time, some people went RX and even had some people surprise themselves with what they were capable of. It was an awesome environment to be in and we can only hope you guys show that same energy on Friday for our Southbound Throwdown. Remember, it’s a potluck and a crazy sock event!!

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Box Jumps

5 Rounds for time: -150m Run -8 Box Jumps -4 Burpees

Swink Performance 5×3 Back Squat 5×3 Push Press

Remaining time do skill work, like DOUBLE UNDERS!!!  🙂

Everyone knows this feeling. The feeling of “I’m tired, but have so much more to do, how am I going to get it done?”  We couldn’t be more proud of everyone that pushed through tonight and shut that mindset off. Kevin (above) is just giving us a reminder that we have to work hard for what we want, even though the road is going to be a tough one!


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