• Swink Athletics

Thursday 6-13-11

Test yourself Thursday!!!  We are pushing through barriers all week and have seen some of those come down already!  This is no different!

Swink Fundamentals 5×3 Back Squat

15:00 AMRAP -200m Row -15 Pushups -15 Situps (add weight if needed)

Swink Performance Starting at (95/65) we will work up in weight gradually to a 1 Rep Max Squat Clean. Beginning light will allow you the technique work needed to be able to get under the heavier bars. Gradually work up, not big chunks of weight at one time. More on this at the gym.

Every 30 sec for 7 minutes you must complete: -3 Cleans @ 75% of the days max


Burpee Knee guards!  Coming to a Dicks Sporting Goods near you!

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