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Thursday 5-9-13

Today is “Bring a Friend” day so make sure you drag some poor soul in with you to the gym tomorrow.

We are also doing a “Project Booty” class tomorrow at 6:30 that is also apart of “Bring a Friend” day, so come one come all!

Swink Fundamentals Take some time and do skill on Deadlift and Box Jumps to find an appropriate weight for the workout

“Kenzie” 21-15-9 -Deadlifts -Box Jumps -Pullups

Swink Performance 3×5 OHS 3×5 Bench Press

“Kenzie” (in honor of her birthday!) 21-15-9 -Deadlifts (185/115) -Box Jumps (30/24) -Pullups


The mom just wrapping up her workout!

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