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Thursday 5-30-13

Reminder, as June approaches, a new session begins meaning payments will be due. We are switching to a new software, so the rest of this week and next week we will be signing you all up at the gym if you haven’t done so already. Now time for work!

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Double Unders

20:00 AMRAP -2:00 Double Under Attempts -20 Abmat Situps -10 Wall Balls

Swink Performance 3×5 Back Squats 3×10 Bent Over Rows

10x Med Ball Sprints (it will be explained at the gym) 

With remaining time, explore the world of weakness. Handstand pushups, butterfly pullups, muscle ups, pistol squats, full snatch, etc. Use the time given to you to improve in these areas!


Reminding Jason one of the most important parts of a GHD situp…snapping those knees straight, violently!

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