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Thursday 5-18-17

Well guys, time for a bit of encouragement, clarification and some changes from us. Starting June 1st, we take nutrition and it’s contributions to your situation seriously. But first, a bit of info on what we truly mean.

With nutrition, we are going to make it easy to clarify what situation you’re currently in. There are 2 “avenues” that we are going to clarify for you and that you could currently be on. Your first step is to identify where you are or what avenue you’re on.

The 1st is the Performance/Athleticism/Aesthtics avenue. These nutrition guidelines are there to support/enhance either Performance/Athleticism/Aesthetics in some way or form. Having said that, we don’t always eat this way, not 100% of the time, but your goal is to improve those areas. That means you sacrifice “delicious” foods or restaurants, eat food you may not want at the moment or even an amount you may not want. All of this for the greater goal of improving those areas.

The 2nd is for pure enjoyment. You eat to eat, not to support anything really except your emotional state. Maybe it’s at a party or everyone is going out to eat and drink and you know you just worked out…but what the hey, right?! This way of eating may support those above mentioned areas, but no where close to even half the time and even then, the amount you eat for enjoyment ruins those good times.

Let’s be clear, both are ok with us and both are totally accepted in our gym, for sure. What we want you to do is actually be honest with yourself. The moment you do that, the moment you can accept your current state and begin to either go on enjoying your situation or go on trying to change it. We want everyone to be happy, we want to support all outlooks and goals. We just want you to make sure you know what you’re after, what you’re willing to give up or sacrifice or even what you’re not.

All of this can help you going forward. Being honest with yourself is always step one. If you know you’re not going to cook or meal prep or even be prepared, that’s ok! If you want to learn how to and need that change, that’s ok too! Let’s work together on this and let this be step 1, just being honest.

Final thought, eating for Performance (etc.) can and should be enjoyable as well with healthy recipes and what not….but who doesn’t love a pizza, am I right!? Just knowing your goals can help decide if you should or shouldn’t have that pizza. That is all for now Swink Family, we love you all!

Hey, cool shirt Christy!

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