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Thursday 3-3-16

It’s here, Open workout 16.2.

Come in and watch it with us LIVE at 7pm and then a few are taking on this workout that evening…we think. It’ll all depend on what they reveal!

Anywho, come work on a few things during Open gym or do the Barbell workout for the day.

Remember Friday night at 5:30pm, it goes down again, just like last week. Come on out to cheer everyone on and take on this workout as a whole gym.

Swink Barbell Snatch -70%x3, 75%x2, 80%x1, 3×1 @85%

Clean & Jerk -HS

Snatch Pull -90%x3, 100%x3, 105%x2, 110%x2, 80%x3

Front Squat -75%x2, 2×2 @80%


Sweat had all the barbells out tonight….and got the GAINZ!

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