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Thursday 3-21-13

And so 13.3 is 12.4 from last year, wall balls, double under and MUSCLE UPS!!  You can guarantee there is going to be some practice going on tomorrow for that!  Also, good thing we’ve been practicing cause I knew it was coming!  Im psychic!!

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Ring Dips

4:00 AMRAP -12 Dumbbell Push Press (35/20) -12 Pushups

Rest 1:00

4:00 AMRAP -12 Dumbbell Hang Cleans (35/20) -12 Bent Over Rows

Rest 1:00

4:00 AMRAP -Max Distance Run (by 150m)

Swink Performance Skill: Muscle Ups (and attempt them as well)

5×3 Snatch

15:00 AMRAP -Max Double Unders -150m Run -20 Situps

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