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Thursday 2-4-16

Alright guys, the Open is coming quickly. Remember, just head over to to sign up. Also, don’t forget we are doing our own leaderboard for prizes but you can only compete for those prizes if you sign up. We’d really love all of your participation on this. So, below are some important dates to remember:

Feb. 25th, Thursday The first Open workout is released

Feb. 26th, Friday We’ll all do the first Open workout, in a large group starting at 5:30pm

For the next 4 weeks following the above dates, we will get together every Friday night to do the Open workouts.

Again, this week we will have a workout for you to do, in an Open style format.

Come do it with us at 3:30pm or take it on at 5:30pm.

Open Prep -a surprise….

Swink Barbell Technique: Slow-Pull Clean (5 sec to mid-thigh) + Hang Power Clean (mid-thigh) + Hang Clean (mid-thigh) -4 x (1+1+1)

Hang Clean (knee) + Jerk -5×(3+1) @70%

Clean Pull -3×4 @80%

Clean Lift-Off -3×4 @90%

Pause Back Squat -4×3 @60%


Be like Chelsea, sign up.

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