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Thursday 2-23-17

Hey everyone, today IS THE DAY! Today we find out 17.1 and we couldn’t be more anxious.

However, don’t forget today is about recovery and skill, so, here’s the events of today, including Sweat class:

-RomWod at 5:30am, 9am, 4:30pm or we can start it again anytime after 5:30, so long as it’s done before 7pm.

-Kipping Skills class at 5:30pm. Need a Toes 2 Bar or close on your first Pullup or C2B…maybe even a Muscle Up?! Come to this class, it can totally help.

-We’ll have a workout posted on the board for anyone in Sweat wanting to come get their 3rd workout in this week. You guys are of course more than welcome to participate in the Open workouts Friday night, we can modify. We would love to see all of our Swink Family in attendance Friday night for all the cheering.

-Finally, come watch the reveal with us at 7pm so we can do the “Ooos” and “Ahhhhs” together.

See you all tomorrow 🌞

Swink Sweat


-3×20 Deadlifts, can use whatever device you’d like (DB, Barbell, MedBall, Bands) but it must be tough to do!

3-4 Rounds, each round as fast as possible!

-20 Calorie Row

-20 DB Squat Clean and Press

-20 Hanging Leg Raises

Rest 2:00

Look at everyone doing the rebound in their RomWod

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